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Wholesale Registration


To register for a wholesale account with Sang and Serena, please fill out the below.  At the end of the page, you will be prompted to e-mail or fax a copy of your business’ resale certificate to us.  Once we receive this information from you, we will respond with further questions or with a confirmed wholesale account for your business.  Information regarding benefits, how to order, and policy details will be accessible at that time.
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* I hereby acknowledge that I understand what has been asked of me in this registration form, that all information offered by me is factual, and that I will use my wholesale account expressly for the re-sale of items in my retail location(s) at all times:

Please e-mail a copy of your re-sale certificate to or fax it to 434.202.0781.

If your business does not have a website, we will require a copy of your business card via e-mail or fax, to be sent in with your re-sale certificate as outlined at the end of this form.